Sustainable & Vegan Friendly Products

There is a general focus for us all to make an effort to reduce our plastic consumption.  At The Friendly Ape, we certainly don't think that these changes should be difficult. 

All items that we sell are plastic free, vegan and made with the environment and nature at the forefront of the thought process.  We have split our shop into user friendly sections and please don't forget to check out our sale section for many items already reduced.  

Whether you are changing your cloths and sponges to compostable ones or your cleaning products to Ocean Saver or natural ones, shop our selection here

Probably one of the easiest swaps to plastic free products are our solid shampoo and conditioner bars

We also have some beautiful wooden soap dishes to store them in too

Get you skin feeling amazing.  We have some gorgeous smelling bath soaks and bath bombs.  Along with our body scrubs, your skin will be silky smooth. 

Fantastic accessories too

Plastic free alternative to cling film - beeswax wraps, stunning designs.  We have produce bags to take to the supermarket with you along with towels and a beautiful selection of wooden items too.

We are all becoming more aware of the impact that our current lifestyles are having on the planet.


Here at The Friendly Ape, we strongly believe that if all of us made 1 or 2 simple changes to the products that we use everyday, the collective difference will be HUGE.

We are sourcing and bringing together a wide range of products from shampoo and conditioner bars, body scrub, soaps, cleaning and household items, all vegan friendly and plastic-free.

Eco friendly everyday products


We also have a new relationship with a company providing kitchen, bathroom and cleaning products.


Any of the items containing wood are 100% FSC, again prioritising sustainability.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we offer and also the ethics of the companies that manufacture them.


We are working hard to bring you the best quality, eco-friendly, vegan, plastic free products.

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